"Eventually everyone will have AR experiences every day, like eating three meals a day, it will become that much a part of you"

Tim Cook
Apple CEO

A world of pure imagination

Imagine living in a world where everything around you comes alive with fun, engaging and relevant digital content simply by pointing your smartphone at an object.

Imagine a world with no search engines or unwanted pop-up ads; just the content you need when you need it with zero digital noise or distractions.

Imagine what senses you could excite when combining the tactile and intimate power of print with the emotional and measurable power of digital video and 3D content.

Welcome to Augmented Reality…

Creating your new reality

Augmented Reality makes it possible to layer interactive digital content through the pages of printed material, this powerful combination can be used to trigger a variety of multi-sensory experiences designed to delight and engage your audience.

Our Augmented Reality platform empowers you to produce the following AR experiences triggered from your print experience:

  • watching videos
  • swiping through a photo gallery
  • interacting with 360-degree views
  • engaging with green-screen videos
  • display detailed 3D models
  • tapping Call-to-Action buttons

It's so easy to use, all you have to do to experience the power of AR is to download the DreemAR app hold your smartphone or tablet over a printed image (marker) - then let the app technology do the rest. The targeted video, photo gallery or 3D model will display and play automatically right there before your very eyes, just like magic!

For marketers and content creators, this unique technology is experienced through any mobile device which means it's accessible to virtually anyone and because it is largely a digital experience this means we can track, measure and report on all the data you need and expect from any digital channel.

Augmented Reality is an interactive and stimulating medium and has been proven to increase engagement and retention up to 62% when combined with the power of print.

We are the DreemARs

Whilst DreemAR is one of the fastest-growing brands in AR, it was proudly birthed from and still is backed by the stability of Eastern Press, a 35-year-old print and marketing communications company in Melbourne that knows too well the power of print in the marketing world.

We love everything print and believe in its empowerment, by enhancing your print with AR we can transform your print marketing from a static, uni-directional channel into a dynamic and interactive hybrid channel that will excite the senses.

We are passionate about Augmented Reality, not because we like the glitz and glamour of new exciting things but because we can see that AR is not just a gimmick. It has the potential to make a positive impact not only in the marketing world but in education, retail and the future of communication.

AM-PM Print has witnessed first-hand the power that AR has provided to some of its key customers and that is why it has invested in AR technology to reach an even wider audience.

The DreemAR platform is already being used in several countries around the world including the USA, UK, South Africa and New Zealand within its first 12-months.

Living the Dreem

We have proven that AR works and already have provided great results for an impressive array of well-known brands in the market.

Become Engaged

We don't believe in technology for technologies sake. Innovation must demonstrate a commercial value and be tailored to achieve your business goals.

We want everyone to experience the power of Augmented Reality and that's why we have designed our technology to be easy to use, cost-effective with options to suit the scope of any project and budget.

Here are the options for accessing the power of our technology:

DreemAR App
Don't know if AR is really for you. That's okay, our off-the-shelf DreemAR branded app is for you. This is a low-cost, risk-free option to dip your toes in the AR waters.

White Label App
Once you've tasted the proven success of AR or if you simply don't like the idea of promoting the DreemAR brand, we'd be more than happy to power your very own branded AR app. We're really not that precious…

Software Developer Kit (SDK)
We know you absolutely love our AR technology and want to integrate it into your already successful app. No problem, we have developed our own SDK so you can plug and play this into your existing app, however, you will need a propeller head for this one or you can just use ours if you like.


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